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What is e-carsharing?

Carsharing is the fast and flexible form of car rental, which provides the same privileges as having your own car for you as a registered user, but at the same time avoiding the costs of ownership. GreenGo is a Hungary based innovative system which was inspired by foreign examples. With the use of a card or a smartphone application (iOS or Android), you can rent the car on a minute-based tariff and can leave it anywhere within the designated usage area.

Why electric cars?

Our mission is to increase the awareness and popularity of electric mobility, the number of cars with ’green’ numberplates, and to call for the increase in developing charging stations in the capital. We hope, that our cars mean more than just one of the means of transportation, because we think of them not just a practical tool, but also as advocates of a greener future.

How does GreenGo differ from traditional car renting?

GreenGo differs in almost every aspect:
  • Minute based fees
  • Rent the cars via a smartphone app
  • Everything can be managed online - even contracting
  • No designated stations to pick-up/drop-off the cars, but you can find them and drop them off anywhere within the service area.

How can I register?

You can become a registered user via an online registration procedure on our website, for which you’ll need your driving license (at least one year old) and your ID. After you provided all the necessary data, upload pictures of your Hungarin driving licence via the application and we will check and approve your registration in 4 working days. If you don't have a Hungarian licence, you have to pay us a personal visit at our customer service office. At this one-time meeting we’ll check your data and documents, the contract can be signed and we can show you how to use our service.

Is it possible to register as a company?

Of course. If your company would spend less than 50.000 HUF a month the same price plans are available as for individuals - so the Alap and Minimal. If you spend more than the above, we suggest you should go for our corporate packages and havediscounts, monthly invoicing and wire transfer possibility. Check out all the prices here.
It is important to note that each user has to register and sign a personal contract as individuals before using the company account! Just like other users, during this they have to provide their personal bank card, not the corporate one. If you wish to receive more information about the conditions, please contact at!

Who can use it?

GreenGo - as our slogen states- is everyone’s, so mine, yours, ours! The only requirement is a valid, at least one year old driving license, an ID or passport and a bank card.

How do I pay?

The rental fee will be automatically deducted from your bank card after each day you had a rental and you will your electronic invoice via email.

How to use

What are the bonus minutes good for?

Bonus minutes can be used up during a rental process to reduce the rental minutes and thus the rental fees. While using these minutes, first they will used for driving minutes, and if you wish to use more bonus than you’ve driven, the rest will reduce your stop-over fee.
You can earn 15 bonus minutes by recommending us and if someone you invited registers. Be careful, as the bonus minutes received for inviting someone will expire at the end of the 3rd month following their acquisition! For example, your bonus minutes received on any day of March will expire on June 30th, or the ones received during April on July 31st!

Can I transport animals?

No. We kindly ask you not to transport your pet in the GreenGo cars, as we use them together and it may bother others (eg. allergic reactions).

Can I eat, drink or smoke in the car?

No. We kindly ask you to avoid eating, drinking and smoking in the GreenGo cars, as it may bother other users. Please let us know if you find it dirty so we can get it cleaned, for which the previous user will be charged! It is important that you tell us if you find any signs of improper use, so you can avoid charging you with the costs of cleaning the car.

Where and how do I find available cars?

Visit our website or open the application and log in with your GreenGo account, and with the help of our interactive map, you will see all available cars. Throughout the easy-to-use surface you can see the location of the available cars, their battery status and their estimated cruising range. Moreover, you can reserve them with just one click! Please watch our “How to pick me up” video where we show you how to find and reserve our cars!

What is a booking?

Booking a car is a free service that helps you reserve a car 30 minutes prior to make sure that nobody else will take it, so you have time to get to the car. Be sure to make it to the booked GreenGo and rent it in time, because if you cancel the booking or you get there late and it is automatically cancelled, you’re not going to be able to book an other car in the next 4 hours. This restriction affects only your booking, you can rent a GreenGo anytime!
If you know you won't make it in time or just want to make sure that later there will be a car for you, you can extend your booking, but it is not free.
Please watch our “How to pick me up” video where we show you how to find and reserve our cars!

Can I extend my booking?

Yes. If you can't make it to the booked GreenGo or just know you will need the GreenGo later than 30 mins but want to reserve it, you can extend your booking by 30 minutes 5-times, just click on the '+' sign right to the plate number of the booked car. You can extend it anytime during the booking, even when starting it and you only pay for the actual minutes above the free 30 minutes. For eg. if you book a car and extend it right away twice, so it is altogether booked for 90 minutes. You rent the GreenGo after 40 minutes (30 mins free + 10 mins), you will only pay after the 10 minutes. The cost of extension is a by the minute fee and is equal to your parking fee. If your extended booking is cancelled or expired, you still get banned from booking for 4 hours.

Can’t find the booked car, what should I do?

The GPS location of the car can be inaccurate in dens urban areas, so it may occur that the vehicle is parked a couple of ten-meters from the marked location.

What is rating the car at the beginning of the rental process good for?

During the rental keeping the car in as is condition your responsibility, and the rating of the car is the actual handover to you. If you fail to report a damage, but the following user does report it, it makes you the responsible for that damage.

I left the car and the next user reported a damage, but it wasn’t me. What happens now?

There’re two possibilities. If the car was damaged after your rental and the next user reports it, then we’ll check if CCTV recordings available for that spot. If the car wasn’t damaged after your rental and you didn’t report it, unfortunately this makes you responsible for that damage, even though you’re not the cause of it. This is why it’s extremely important to walk round the car before you start the rental process, and report anything you find with a photo!

I opened the car, but it won’t start, what should I do?

Put the gearshift into P position. If you know your PIN code take out the key, put it back in again and twist it until the first click, then enter the correct PIN code. Don’t forget, that you have to press the # at the end of the code! Following this you will hear 3 short beeps, turn the key further, while stepping on the brake pedal. The “Ready” sign will flash up on the dashboard, and you are ready to go!
Watch our “Open up” video, where we show you how to start the car! If you know your PIN code, but the car won’t start, please call us at +3618852015 !

If you forgot your PIN code you can change it in the app under the Profile menu.

Where can I go with GreenGo? Only in Budapest?

With GreenGo you can go anywhere within Pest county (all cars have valid county vignettes). Don’t forget that making sure the car is charged, the cable required, is your responsibility when going on a longer journey. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough cruising range to be able to get back to the designated service area, because you can end your rental only within this area. And don’t forget that you have to end the rental with the car at least 10% charged!
Watch our “Open up” video, where we show you how to start and use the car!

Am I allowed to use the bus lane with GreenGo?

Unfortunately no. We have to leave the bus lanes for other means of public transportation and the taxis.

What to do if I have to stop somewhere (ie. grocery shopping), and I would like to continue using the car?

If you plan to continue your journey shortly, we recommend the use of the parking function. In this case, the rental isn’t stopped and remains yours for a reduced tariff. The so-called availability fee includes the possible fee of parking. To park the car pull the hand-brake, turn off the lights, close the doors and lock the car using the central lock button on the key.

Is there a maximum time of rental?

The maximum time of rental is 72 hours, but please keep in mind that the cars are shared and even after the 72 hours use an availability fee will be applied if you do not end the renta properly. If you rent the car for a longer period, the daily fee will be capped at 19.500 HUF.

Where and how can I end my rental?

With GreenGo you can avoid the hassle of parking fees, thus at the end of your journey you can park the car anywhere within the service area on a legal parking spot on the streets. If you are located outside the green service area the rental fees apply.

Can't close the rental, what should I do?

Either the app or the screen located in the windscreen will indicate the reason you aren’t able to lock the car, but this is what you have to pay attention to:
  • The handbrake has to be pulled in;
  • The gearshift has to be in P position;
  • The head lights have to be turned off;
  • The key has to be in the glove compartment in the designated spot, green LED shining (if the car is still saying the key is not there, try to place the key the other way around);
  • The windows have to be up.
If these conditions are satisfied, and you are still unable to close your rental, call our customer service team on +36 1 885 2015, and they will assist you!

What do I do if I get stuck with a GreenGo?

If you encounter a technical difficulty with starting or ending a rental, reach out to our customer service team on +36 1 885 2015, who will be ready to help you!

What to do in case of an accident?

Hopefully there’ll be no, but in the case of an accident, you should:
  • Don’t move the car, it can make it difficult to determine who was responsible for the accident
  • Call the police if there is any doubt who's fault it is
  • Call our customer service at +36 1 885 2015, so we can send someone to assist you on the spot
If you take responsibility for the accident, all you have to do is call us and we’ll take over the car!


Do I have to charge the cars?

Our team charges the cars on a regular basis, thus the only thing you have to pay attention to is that the car has sufficient cruising range to complete your journey and at the end of your rental the application shows at least 10% charge.

What kind of insurance do the GreenGos have?

All GreenGo cars have both the compulsory third party liability insurance, as well as comprehensive insurance. If you are responsible for an accident, the down payment will be billed to you. The down payment is 100.000 Ft or 10% of the total damage cost (20% in case of glass damage), but cannot exceed the whole damage cost. It means if the damage is under 100.000 Ft you only have to pay the cost of the damage and of course the administration fees.

What do I do if the car’s condition prevents me from driving it? (eg. very dirty, damaged)

In this situation we kindly ask you to report this via the application when you start the rental! If you do not wish to drive the car in that condition, let our customer service team know about the issue - call or send email, and we reimburse the rental.

I forgot my PIN code, what should I do?

Open the app, go to 'Profile', scroll down and change it.

I can’t turn the key. What do I do?

If you can’t turn the key at all, it means that the steering wheel is locked. You can open the wheel lock by moving the steering wheel a little bit and turning the key simultaneously.

I have entered the wrong PIN code several times. What should I do?

If you know your PIN code, take out the key, put it back in again and twist it until the first click, then enter the correct PIN code. Don’t forget, that you have to press the # at the end of the code! In this case we’ll give you a call to identify you. You’ll need to provide your driving license’s number and your PIN code. If we can’t reach you, we’ll flash the car’s lights and turn on the siren to gain your attention. If you’re still cannot be reached, we’ll disable the car, because we can’t be sure that you’re the one driving it.
If you don't to remember the correct code, change it in the app under the 'Profile' menu.

How can I change my tariff plan?

You can change your tariff plan in the app under "Contracts". If you currently pay a monthly fee, the change will happen at the end of the month, as it's already paid for; if you're not in a monthly fee plan, the change happens overnight. If you are a corporate client, please write to

Can I pause my GreenGo membership?

You have the option to pause your membership while you also get to keep it, but why would you? Switch to Minimal tariff plan and you only pay when you use the cars. But if you insist, when you pause your membership, you will not be charged for the monthly fee, and when you wish to resume your membership, a registration fee will not be applied. To pause your access, login on the website, go to My contracts and click on Pause. If you have a monthly fee already paid you still be able to use our service until the end of the covered time.